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Welcome to the Symphony Shear repair program.  A service you can trust for Symphony and all brand and style of shears.

Are your shears feeling under the weather?  Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Do your shears or blenders bend the hair?

  • Are your shears chasing hair down the blade?

  • Are your shears too loose or will they not stay tight?  

  • Are your shears noisy?  Do they make loud clicking noises?

  • Are they missing a bumper or finger pin?

Let Symphony’s 5 generations of scissor manufacturing experience take care of all your repair and reconditioning needs.   We recondition any brand of Haircutting-Styling and Thinning Shears in our factory in Fremont, Ohio.

Using 13 different hand operations, we take the tools apart…reestablish  the cutting edge,  triple hand hone the inside hone line and the back ride area, clean all parts…..reassemble and adjust each tool for good balance and tolerances.  Finally, every shear is tested on human hair to assure the hair does not slip and the shear performs like new.  

Why trust Symphony?

Symphony uses the same machines and craftsman that manufacture your shears to repair and make your shears run as good or better then when you purchased them.

Packing for Shipment

  1. Pack your tools into any box or padded envelope.

  2. Make sure your tools are protected.  We recommend putting a rubber band around the tips of scissors to make sure they do not open and nick during shipping.

  3. Fill out the Symphony Sharpening form.

  4. Include payment.

  5. Address to:

Symphony Repair
Po Box 72
2201 Commerce Dr.
Fremont, OH 43420
Tel: 419-307-2122

  1. We recommend using USPS priority mail or UPS.  Both services provide excellent tracking of your package.

Using the Symphony repair service costs only a fraction of the original price of the tool!  Try it… a lot of our customers think it makes a lot of sense.  


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